Word Cup! Swmorld Cup! Varied to some extent?

It’s all varied to some extent. We all especially Saffers (South Africans) were expecting the streets of our cities to be cramped with tourists and swamped by eager non-saffers exploring what SA has to offer. It’s all varied to some extent?

Not only did we expect the World Cup to be an amazing event, but we surely did experience not the swarming of the non-saffers, but the friendly and sometimes lost faces of tourists in our streets. The other day I was walking down Bosman Street in Pretoria (the capital of South Africa) yes the town or city that I reside in, and there they were……. tourists! Immediately I took out my iPhone and snapped away at these poor lost and somewhat unsure tourists. Then the moment popped in my brain and I was laughing at myself! They come here to take pictures of great Africa…. and here I am returning the favour and snapping them.

Yes, we in my opinion did host a great event. We did magnetise the non-saffers to our beautifull country and I’m sure in spite of all the flight delays and hickups with transport and the confusion with the FIFA tickets, they ALL got to expereince something about our country. Yes, there are corruption, yes, there will always be crime and yes our ”rotting” areas are all part of our Saffer’s reality….. and it’s varied to some extent.

We did offer something great! Something that you wouldn’t find elsewhere… we offered a nation all dressed in yellow and green EVEN when most of us knew we (Bafana Bafana) would not even make it to the semi’s, and the sound of vuvu’s ringing in the streets, the shopping malls and yes….. even at night when you are so tired and a vuvuzela could be distinguished from the night sounds. I’m somewhat proud today….. proud? But my proudness is varied to some extent. Yes, the world cup was good, and yes it was great! AND I hear we are going to bid for the Olympic Games now…. EISH! ( meaning…. oh boy, or what the hell!)….. we shall see! Maybe this rough diamond we call Africa can offer something to the world YET AGAIN that is not varied to some extent, but above standard, simply great and totally an unforgetable experience and I in terms of this whole ‘varied to some extent’ will have to eat my words.

Thanx Africa, thanx Bafana Bafana, and yes (even with a fake expression of gratitute) thanx Vuvuzelas…. we united and glued up our country and yes, this too was varied to some extent…..

4 thoughts on “Word Cup! Swmorld Cup! Varied to some extent?

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  1. Thinus!! Super Einblick in das Leben während der WM. Danke 🙂

    I’m glad the world could see how awesome South Africa really is. Now there are more people this side who understand what I mean by talking about the African vibe.

    Take care mein Freund! Your Saffer Lisa

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