Every morning I open the front door and in my mind I conjure up a few swearwords at the cold that greets me with a very harsh reality check.  So it is with the season they call WINTER!  It’s quite a nasty time of year if you take all the snot and gooo into the equation only to end up with a dustbin full of tissues and a spiking medical bill. JOY I tell you JOY!

Alas we as winter-goers have the choice?  Now this is the disturbing part.  “All man’s freedoms can be taken away from him except the freedom to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances”, wise words by Dr. Victor Frankel.  Does it mean that winter in itself can be enjoyed?  Does it mean the Snot is only a attitude detector?  In essence I totally agree with our dear Dr and therefore I will now start typing with a smile on my face. 🙂 Suddenly I feel just as fake as MJ’s nose! Winter is only a season and here in South Africa we are quite fortunate not to dip into the -23’s and 30’s.   So my choice about my ‘winter-attitude’ get clearer or does it?

I experience winter and YOU experience your own winter….. sometimes stringing along different feelings and opinions and yes… a few chills and shivers as well.  My one friend Sue just loves winter.  Sometimes I think her wiring needs some  reconnection, but to her too, she chooses her attitude about how she feels about winter and sees all these small (yes SMALL) positives.  AHA!!! And there it is!  A small little pink-ish blossom in the neighbor’s apricot tree. It’s a sign!  A sign that Winter only rules for three months, Winter have almost reached it’s 2010 expiry date… (this next sentence must be read with a dodgy German accent)  Yes, dear little old Winter’s probation period has failed itself MWHAHAHAHA!

With a grin I turn on the tellie.  And the news is chilling (no pun intended),  “a cold front is expected over the central regions of our country with dipping temperatures over Gauteng this week”.  The weatherman’s voice is almost smuck and laughing at me.  I sigh, collected myself, grabbed a tissue and so my note started like this:  Dear Dr. Frankel, we seriously have to talk……..

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