Let’s take a moment…

It’s almost a moment when you realize you are ACTUALLY not in control of your own life.  Just think about it, there are so many moments where we say things, we heard, do things we’re told to do and believe things, because that’s the way you were brought up.  It’s in these things we start navigating our own thread though this tapestry of thoughts, feelings, actions and yes, life!

We plan so thoroughly and believe so steadfast that we sometimes overlook the gold lying on the sidewalk!! NO, there’s NO ACTUAL gold on the sidewalk, its almost like walking through life choosing only to see what society deems cool, hip, trendy, wanted, sophisticated…. need I carry on?

Life is happening… NOW!  That breath you just took, the breath you are going to take and so forth.  The way we perceive others, we have to get to the point where we question our own questions.  A tad toooo post modernistic for you?  Maybe?  But what prevents you from doing what you want to do?  Why NOT break the norm?  We should always keep questioning and IF we find the answers be hopeful that this quest we call life can be solved in a great way.  This equation shouldn’t be difficult, all it takes is mere understanding, patience, eyes ‘wide open’ and a moment to reach out and start something small!  THAT IS POWER!

This means that we DO have some control and that we DO IN FACT weave this gold thread through this amazing process of life.  Society dictates, we choose to affirm or conform.  So how about you take today and choose to take control, apart from society but let’s NOT get dictated to, but rather seek new ways wherein we can live this golden thread, LIVE even if it’s out of control sometimes, but acknowledge this moment, this breath and start something small!keep moving

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