Hmmmm…. why is that?

Especially the part where we do things sometimes without question.  Just because it’s the right thing to do?  Why is that?  Is it a mere consciousness that almost takes hold of our brain activity kicking out an auto response to accept what is happening?

Today, we wake up, brush our teeth and skip breakfast (although we know it’s the right thing to do) but rush out into the word, knowing what we must do, should do… WANT TO DO???  What drives us forward.  Is it the routine of a one dimensional life?  Or could it be the lack of excitement and meaning within our short lives here on Earth?  We can debate this both ways thinking on ways to make life count.  The reality – we copy, we imitate and we robotify our actions on a daily basis.

THEN THAT MOMENT…… the pause…. the breath you take…. why am I here?  All the running from one point to the next suddenly feel so meaningless and I’m wondering:  Why is that?  Have we grown numb of life?  Or have we just accepted our social (sometimes way boring and predictive) behavior?  When will I get to the point where that pause and breath start mattering?  What am I doing now, that will bring not only me satisfaction, but will promote a lifestyle of health, joy and YES, the ever mother of ALL cliche’s… world peace? Why is that?

Is it by asking these questions that we rationalize what we are busy with and not surviving authenticity in our own picture?  Let’s take a step back….  I’ll probably run out of the house again, running down that orange traffic light only to be at the office doing what I must.  But taking a moment on ‘why’ we are indeed running down that traffic light.  How meaningless things have became.  Let’s stop asking and let’s start doing…. not doing for the sake of fitting the social behavioral spectrum, no, but doing what we need to do, ought to do, dream of doing.

We have but one chance to make this rushing routine and chase matter.  It’s not in the chase that we find the missing link, but in the meaningful minute we spent, talking to mom on mothers day, sharing a laugh with a dear friend even though it’s through the phone.  Tasting the peanut butter on the sandwich and YES, taking time to spend a minute with … YOU.  May this be our challenge, a thought that will grow into an awareness.  A reminder that will start feeding a habit and eventually a spiritual awakening that will mould a lifestyle.  Taste the peanut butter!

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