Time time time

Almost immediately when you leave home and drive through the gate facing traffic and all these big bullying buses, we start planning this day.  (Ok ok, to me it works this way).  Although strategising a bit on what needs to be done, I sit idle and wait for the red chameleon to turn green so I can be on my way. Hopefully faster than a chameleon!

There are so many stimuli that we encounter it’s almost sickening.  According to a leading marketing research study, we are bombarded with more than 30 thousand marketing logo’s, images and banners on a daily basis.  I’m getting worried, NOW I KNOW, it’s not a case of needing a Rittelin induced coma to focus, but rather a sifting process.  Knowing what’s important.  My schedule seldom pans out the way I see it in my mind’s eye, but its happening and yes, things get done!

Put into this equation, friends, family en mom that need an update every now and then, I suddenly feel ALOT closer to just locking myself up and take a breath!  Then reality hits, LOL! We cannot escape time! I’m wasting time wanting to go ello al secluso! We need to make time.  Running around, we need to make MORE time, juggeling the schedule, we need to push in some more VALUABLE time.  ‘Coz you see, time is valuable and we need to make the most of it!

Now about that Rittelin induced coma …….

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