Switching places

Emanuel, Jehova, God, Abba, Father..... I AM! I am creation, I am the very breath you take now. I am the One who made all, who dream all and who loves all. It started with a slide of my hand. I drew the line where darkness dared to tread. I separated the light with my... Continue Reading →

Traffic wisdom

Driving to my appointment today, I couldn’t help noticing a billboard over the road just as I drove out of town. The firm has a catchy logo with the words ‘ever evolving’ and I can feel a brain fart coming.  Are we all evolving? When do we qualify the process of evolution and when can... Continue Reading →

Two worlds in a vetkoek!

You just cannot fight the chill, almost to the point that you would do anything to be warm.  Thus I found my way out the office towards Vermeulen Street.  I know there's a lady who sells vetkoek on the street.  A bit risky to me, who like things relatively planned and secure I decided to... Continue Reading →

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