Traffic wisdom

Driving to my appointment today, I couldn’t help noticing a billboard over the road just as I drove out of town. The firm has a catchy logo with the words ‘ever evolving’ and I can feel a brain fart coming.  Are we all evolving? When do we qualify the process of evolution and when can we say we are actually part of this process?

Now the question is obvious.  Thinking about this very controversial theory do we see evolution as a positive?  We know according to the theory we all are very distant relatives of the ape, then Neanderthal to what we are today.  Allegedly!  We are homo sapiens, we are alive and breathing, we are evolving in relation to time, technology and sometimes outgrowing cultural boundaries.  A classic case of secularism I suppose.  What where taboo twenty years ago is now the norm and so liberation has slowly became part of our daily thinking.  Pleased to meet you liberation, have a nice day now!

Is this just a crazy case of erratic post modernism?  Does evolution bring with it to the table more social dilemmas that in ten years from now will be duly justified and maybe part of our everyday existence?  Divorce, homosexuality and yes acupuncture!    Call it evolution, liberalism or even post modernism, in fact, call it what you want, but with time comes the great gift of knowledge and with it transformation. This is a great learning opportunity!

We need to learn from it, understand it and embrace it!  Surely even we cannot stay the same.  We must move forward and within this quest for personal wellbeing be at peace with who we are and also the wellbeing of our fellow human beings. “To each it’s own”.  Life will still be happening tomorrow and that’s the great thing about evolution, everything will carry on.  Time will not be halted and what you believe and feel strongly about now, will change in two maybe three year’s time?  Growing a new perspective?

Driving back I make a conscious decision to nurture this new friend called evolution.  I want to keep changing, I want to keep learning from my fellow men and woman, adapt and explore new ways of living life. Growing, transforming and yes, evolve! The traffic is getting heavy and my moment is over and next time I will use evolution and make use of the train!

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