Switching places

Emanuel, Jehova, God, Abba, Father….. I AM! I am creation, I am the very breath you take now. I am the One who made all, who dream all and who loves all. It started with a slide of my hand. I drew the line where darkness dared to tread. I separated the light with my lips … LET… THERE… BE… LIGHT!

I loved you before I even thought of creating night and day. For you I keep the sun at a safe distance. For you I hold the darkness at bay. I painted the stars and instructed the galaxy to exist with splendor, for you. My breath brought Adam and Eve to life, and even through the pain I loved them. In that moment when I did not reign supreme in THEIR hearts I chose to cradle them, to hold them close to my heart. Even the Israelites on their way to ‘the promised land’ doubted my provision. I gave them manna and quails, still they were hesitant in their trust. Still I chose to be faithful. I gave them cloud by day, and my presence at night, still they doubted me and yet again I still chose to be faithful, I chose to love.

What I would do to keep you close. I treasure you so much, I am willing to give away whole nations just to know your heart. Little David tending to the sheep was already a king while tending to the flock. Just like you, he too thought he was small and insignificant. And just like many, he made a lot of mistakes. But haven’t you seen, haven’t you heard? I have great plans for you. You see, I already know your heart, I know the great things that I have planned for you. Little Jesus was ready to carry the weight of mankind all by himself. A small boy with great responsibility, nailed to a wooden cross. My heart almost ceased knowing his pain and seeing his body ravaged and broken. He was still my little boy! My tears ran and I ached for what He went through. His blood gave you crowning glory, His broken body was the ransom that was paid for YOU! And now? Now, your life starts. My love for you have already started and my dream for you is being written as you live your life from day to day. My love is unlike time, it may not tick away every moment, but it remains. It remains to give, nurture, guide and provide. May you live, focus, change, move, play, share and dream within the love I wish for you. Because I love you!

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