Tik Tok!

Lately a wave of ‘death’ started splashing onto the shores of my circles.  Affecting me semi directly, splashing into my friends that experienced a terrible loss.  Splashing into colleagues where tragedy loomed a bit longer than it should have.  Even poor grandma, passed on at the age of 89.

When ‘death’ makes an appearance, it seldom comes announced and expected, but surely death is one of the fairest things surely .  Dear Mr Grim Reaper will be come knocking on our doors sooner or later.  Then we have to ask the question; NOT are you ready when he do come knocking, but have you LIVED when he comes knocking.  Not passing on with screams and horrific chills, but going contempt and satisfied with a life well lived.

Living forever would be super nice, but really, who WANTS to live forever?!  Death doesn’t mean the end of someone, but rather a ‘different’ way of existing within our family and friend circles.  Still being part of life.  A memory, a story, a fond experience shared.  That’s what makes life truly worth while.  Now we have to get to the bottom of this.

Did you make each moment count today?  Did you spend the extra time with someone that needed it?  Did you do that report to the best of your ability in order to better the system?  Did you take that risk, tasting something strange when the opportunity presented itself?

Now then… tik tok, time is going by.  Let’s start living, not forever, but for the moment.

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