Talking sense in mindless thought.

Strange how so many of our thoughts are formed and shaped because of the influence of our peers, colleagues, family and friends. Then we stand a moment to percolate a bit. Making sense of these thousands of contributing messages we go through on a daily basis.

How do we apply these info bombs within our own environment? Then we start asking questions like: Is Malema relevant to my ‘story’ and if it’s indeed the case, what is my response? These processes on its own, AGAIN influence someone else’s opinions and paradigm. Do we South Africans just complain a lot? Or is there some truth and justification to our moans of agony?

This may sound gibberish, but we should start taking responsibility for what we ‘send’ out. Whether its a thought, opinion, even touch carries it’s own responsibility. Are we the next Gaddafi or Mugabe, seeking to impose your own picture or do we make room to learn, seek, discover and inspire?

Speaking of which, one inspiring colleague of mine said: “you should create an adventure close to you”. Chewing on this I start my own adventure of discovery. Not only in opinions and ideals, but also in relationships with imperfect perfect people. Taking the not so comfortable path on my journey of life. Tolerating the uneasy itch that sometimes makes us aware that there is indeed another side of life.

This doesn’t mean we should not acknowledge the ‘bad’ and negative elements of our lives, but acknowledging the fact that we are dealing with our social demons and through this process learning to overcome. Making our lives richer through these challenging processes. C’mon we all know this: “What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger”.

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