Jingle Bells Budget swells Tra la la la laaaaaaa!

Christmas is already so evident you need to be a freakazoid not to realize it.  Almost instantly, the supermarkets and shops started growing these conglomerates of people, crowding around and don’t forget the Christmas songs by Boney M playing in the isles.

You just can’t help it. It’s almost as if you are shopping on the beat of the little drummer boy song!  This is an emotional time of year and the media, companies and shops just know how to play their clientele to get them to respond to their subconscious invitations to spend time and money with them.  This begs the question:

When you choose gifts, how do we determine the value of it?

Do you buy something that someone would probably like?  Maybe something you think they’ll use?  Or something that’s used, done and dusted in a heartbeat and forgotten 3 weeks down the road?  How do we qualify this process and make it responsible?

The fact is that Cologne will cost the equivalent of a year’s education for a boy or girl in Gambia.  The cost of a Barbie doll could feed a Rwandian family for a week.  That PS3 that you are considering, can take that old lady in Soshanguve to hospital to fix her cataracts over her eyes.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying we should stop gifting!  We should just take a moment and think WHY we are giving.

Do we give just because we have to or are we giving to help that person grow through utilizing that gift to their potential?  Reality check:  No one has the answer to what healthy giving constitutes.  BUT we can keep challenging each other on being aware.  Knowing what we should spend money and time on.  Keeping ourselves level headed when Jingle Bells influence our Christmas spirit and taking to heart the greatest gift we have already received from our Heavenly Father!  Love, its the greatest gift and the best part, it’s free!

Have a merry Christmas and value this special time with your family and friends!

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