When the pendulum swing


You see, it’s this whole pendulum thing.  It’s either far left of totally right, but never will there be a middle way.  Surely when momentum slows down and the pendulum starts dangling more to the middle there is no movement and its just…. there?

When talking to friends we hear a lot of pendulum stories, there are mostly extremes within this scenario and seldom stories of the ‘golden middle way’.  By ranting this way, I beg to ask this question:  “How do we make this pendulum effect work for us?”  Is it something that we can control?  Or do we take this as one of life’s little processes and make due with what is given to you at any certain stage?

The beauty of this is that we do in fact always have some degree of control.  Whether we react to this pendulum and HOW we react to it.  Given, is this reality of good and bad things happening to us.  It will happen! Ultimately we are given the one great gift called choice:  Your colleague irritate you and you have the choice to let it get you down.  The fast food vendor didn’t give you enough ketchup, you have a choice to be pro-active and react to it.

We should all challenge ourselves to stop in that moment when the pendulum swings your way and choose how you react.  Choose how you can swing this bad or good effect to suit you, or better, to learn from it or grow with it and when the pendulum swings again, we have a better perspective and maybe swing along!

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