Oscar Oscar Oscar!  Driving down Madiba Street, you have to be daft NOT to see the news vans, journalists and the odd camera man or 6.  Almost tragically I spare a thought on the whole Oscar and Reeva court case and I can’t help wondering how someone’s life was changed early on Valentines day last year.


Oscar Pistorius’s life changed the moment he pulled that trigger.  Reeva’s family will never be the same and so, in the greater scheme of things life eventually just goes on.  In spite of their tragedy, hardship, tears and emotional battles, we get drawn into this media frenzy of Oscar.  A moment of rage, crime of passion or was it premeditated murder? Call it what you will, a moment of irrational thinking caused a lifetime of regret.  A moment of control wasted an olympic dream.  That moment, stole a beautiful daughter caring for her parents.


Looking inwards, I tend to forget my ‘moments’ of irrational acts.  I forget how a word can so suddenly become a bullet and cause hurt and in some cases could have caused a lifetime of regret.  My thoughts? Let’s not shoot one another down (pardon the pun).  How about not being too self-centered or maybe just for a moment, make the other choice, the right choice!  The choice that is not immune from hardship though, but has the potential to grow yourself, teach yourself and let you keep living life and have the ability to change someone’s life.

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