senseless rambling…. meaningful nothingness

Have you ever reached that point of questioning?  That point that makes you stop and rethink and re-evaluate everything you’ve been busy with, living for and thinking off?  It’s moments like these, when I retreat to my inner self, almost cozying up in a the blanket of thought and self comfort.


It’s in these moments that music can take you, traffic can make you and work shape you.  Bundling, moulding and pulling at the clay of your fibre.  It’s where God leaves us, not to be alone, but to live and to experience our own freedoms.  Where He keeps an eye on us, an eye on me.  My basic instinct, my primary intentions and solemness.


Building this compass, I forsake my past and plan. Accounting restrictions and incorporating hope, entertain the dreams I dream and designing life.  It’s that point of questioning where I discard, pull close, draw close and open up.  This polarity can not exist by itself though, it can only come when I start acknowledging the broad scope of my life and the wide angles it has.


How fortunate, how serendipidic, how glad, how proud, how amazing is THAT, what is already given to me.  How stunning, how steadfast, how undeserving is THAT, what is gracefully made available to me.  How endless, how unimaginable, how fortuitous is THAT what is offered without any strings.  


That point of questioning, I have now in my possession, THAT choice. To live free, love unconditionally and to loath nothing.  Speak life, tell stories and sound my heart!

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