From that moment I step foot on that plane,the feeling of excitement and adventure started oozing in my being. Yes, this holiday was planned ages ago and the departure date greatly anticipated. Thailand? Yes, I've been there before but with a renewed sense of discovery we set off. --- Amazing how second time around you... Continue Reading →

Secret Sunrise Pretoria

So every now and then this thing called "Secret Sunrise" popped up on my Facebook feed and I would stare at it, think a bit about it and then scroll down.  So my boss and some of my colleagues actually attended the Halloween edition here in Pretoria.  The reviews were mixed.  To some it was a... Continue Reading →

Hipster….to be or not to be!

Call it hipster, call it trends, in fact, we can call it exactly whatever we want.  The thing about us humans, is that we can so easily jump on a bandwagon and just as easily jump off it.  Last night I attended an amazing cocktail party and I started snapping away on the hors d'oeuvres that... Continue Reading →

This food (ooh) bandwagon of mine…

Always when people comment about my dining experiences I feel the tuck of embarrassment on my shirt, no, this isn't the tuck of REAL embarrassment, but rather my swelling belly that are suffering under this thing I just looooove.  Food. No, my world do not revolve around food, but my world revolve around experiences and... Continue Reading →

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