This food (ooh) bandwagon of mine…

img_2507Always when people comment about my dining experiences I feel the tuck of embarrassment on my shirt, no, this isn’t the tuck of REAL embarrassment, but rather my swelling belly that are suffering under this thing I just looooove.  Food.

No, my world do not revolve around food, but my world revolve around experiences and yes, sometimes there happen to be food in the picture.  Food is necessary to sustain yourself to live life.  Food is also the social ‘glue’ that makes new friends, that sparks conversation and yes in some cases you can have a fight with (I will not recommend the latter).

The culinary universe is much more complex when we look at our dining experiences.  To some, a quick trip to the trusty establishment is the utmost of comfort.  Knowing what they are going to get, what it will taste like and what they are going to pay for it.  I applaud your loyalty and I always say, if it works for you….. go for it.

Some friends of mine (that I made with food by the way) once said that we should NEVER do the same restaurant twice!  I thought about this long and hard and I agreed to disagree. You see, I love my trusty establishments that serves a great pizza the way I love it but yet, there is this explorative side to my dining regime.

My food review journey started exactly the way my friends said…. trying to not do the same restaurant twice.  This led me to a culinary adventure, a unspoken food-rule that aligned me to experience something new, something great, sometimes something just plain out bland and bad, but almost every time a new experience was ready for my tastebuds.

Your journey with food is most probably way different than mine, yes, I cook up a mean Fillet Mignon if I have to, but mannnnnnnn, that moment you set foot into a new restaurant and you smell the scents and your eyes feast on the decor, that’s when you should be ready for this new taste adventure. Waiting for that plate to arrive is almost a foodie-russian-roulette because you never know what you are going to get.

So I urge you now, as my friends urged me.  Don’t be embarrassed about your food journey.  Enjoy it, keep moderation in mind and be ready to experience the decadencies, flavour, aromas, ambience and most important part to this, the friendships! “Bon Appetit!


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