Hipster….to be or not to be!

bicycle-hipsterCall it hipster, call it trends, in fact, we can call it exactly whatever we want.  The thing about us humans, is that we can so easily jump on a bandwagon and just as easily jump off it.  Last night I attended an amazing cocktail party and I started snapping away on the hors d’oeuvres that are served.  From the side my dear friend commented:  “Ai you hipsters”.

That brought me to a point of questioning how I view myself.  The question was hanging…. Am I a hipster?  No I don’t think so.  No wait, maybe I am?  What exactly is a “hipster”?

Well, hipsters obviously belong to some kind of subculture and this meant that I belonged to an obvious subculture.  What is my subculture then?  I have a beard…. I snap my food because I love it…… I don’t have hair, so I can’t be THAT hipster (giggling while typing this).  Researching the meaning and found it’s probably a pejorative for being pretentious? Eina! (means ouch or pained in the Afrikaans language).

Hipster is all about being the first to dive into a new trend.  Whether it’s beer cultivating, a wearing a man-bun or is it called a top knot?  Suspenders, wooden watches and spectacles, speciality cheeses, artisan breads, fashion, dining, the list can surely go on and on.  Are you a hipster?  Do you belong to a subculture?

Surely when you find yourself in some kind of social environment, everyone of us can identify with some kind of subculture. Mine has EVERYTHING to do with food.  Talking about it, enjoying it, sharing it, making it, enjoying it in places with a view and yes.. SNAPPING it benefitting my cyber life.  No longer is this about being hipster, but rather a ‘self’ moment where introspection and inner volition to do the things we love are questioned.  Happy Hipstering! Own it!

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