Secret Sunrise Pretoria


So every now and then this thing called “Secret Sunrise” popped up on my Facebook feed and I would stare at it, think a bit about it and then scroll down.  So my boss and some of my colleagues actually attended the Halloween edition here in Pretoria.  The reviews were mixed.  To some it was a moment where they could let loose and just have fun, to others it was a tad too strange.

Well the question is:  How many times do we do stuff that are strange?  My lovely friend Viljoen and I decided we must definitely give it a try.  We rallied the troops and booyaaa, we had tickets.  We showed up, kitted out and readied ourselves for this new experience.  Upon arrival we were treated to a complimentary yoga session.  It was hard….. I’m going to say it again… it was not easy, you need to know your yoga-ness to get it perfect.  Even if you are a real novice like myself, it will be lots of fun and (apparently) it’s good for you. Hehe!

The Secret Sunrise part:

After the session, you go get your earphones put them on and this is where the magic started.  The voice over your earphones welcomes you and then the music starts.  If you close your eyes you could be in a club in Ibiza.  Imagine, close to a 100 people jumping up and down in silence, energized and having a good laugh.  These are the strange things we need to involve ourselves in regularly.  You see, our lives are so routine that we tend to stick to what we know.  We are so closed off and selective in our social spaces that when we experience something so out of the ordinary, that barriers instantly are broken and a stranger becomes a friend for that 45 minutes.

Next time when you are scrolling through Facebook and you see the Secret Sunrise event peeking out at you, buy that ticket.  Yes it’s weird, yes you need to let go yourself a bit, yes it’s going to mean you have to interact with strangers….. is it going to be fun? Hell yes!!!!! Thanks friends old and new …. total awesomeness.



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