40 is the new 40 right?

Most people arrive at a point in their lives where they reached a proverbial 'reality check'.  Turning 40 last year, I felt really good about it.  I'm fit (but overweight), sucking every ounce out of life and making time for the things that are important.  Friends, Family, being active, food and the list goes on.  No... Continue Reading →

Run Rabbit Run Coffee Roastery

Being fortunate enough to attend a coffee experience , I wasn’t sure what to expect (well duh, apart from tasting amazing coffee).  So, not being Capetownian, I made my way from Blouberg into the city.  The maps application on my phone had other plans, we are not going to the trendy city centre, but rather... Continue Reading →

Responsible Giving

  Jip, congratulations on reading my blog.  However, you reading this have surely experienced some form of poverty or have been exposed to it.  Poverty in South Africa is a terrible epidemic and this can only be curbed through job creation, education and a nation that is looking at this challenge in a responsible manner.... Continue Reading →

The world of Musgrave!

I thought of myself as being a Gin virgin and ... naaaah, I do have some experience with Gin.  I love it, I love the bitterness coupled with a tonic and a slice of lemon.  Now you see, that was my dimension of Gin (might I just add, not a bad one). In my experience... Continue Reading →

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