The world of Musgrave!

Garnishing to suit your tastebuds

I thought of myself as being a Gin virgin and … naaaah, I do have some experience with Gin.  I love it, I love the bitterness coupled with a tonic and a slice of lemon.  Now you see, that was my dimension of Gin (might I just add, not a bad one).

In my experience the Gin movement in South Africa isn’t a rife one but in the last two years, things have changed a bit in the world of Gin it seems.  Suddenly we became aware of Gin lounges, tastings and experiences being offered.  Is this hipster? Might be.  Being the explorative foodie (ok, that was a bit arrogant, but let’s let it hang there for a moment), I got an invite to attend a Musgrave Gin masterclass with fellow foodies.

Simone Musgrave, the owner of the Musgrave Gin brand graced us with an amazing evening of Gin, florals, tastes and pairings that I otherwise wouldn’t have thought about.  One thing is certain, Simone knows her Gin.  Musgrave’s story started already from the 1950’s where her Grandfather left Plymouth to do missionary work here in Africa.  Thank heavens for that, if that didn’t happen, we wouldn’t have had Simone and no Musgrave Gin.  Musgrave is the top seller at Makro Stores here in South Africa and the second largest artisan Gin in South Africa.

Simone has been in the food industry quite some time and made her passion for Gin tangible into two successful products namely Musgrave 11 Botanicals and Musgrave Pink Gin Botanicals.  Musgrave 11 has been crafted with 11 African botanicals to make it an exceptional Gin with notes of Cardamom, Ginger and Grains of Paradise.

Musgrave Pink Gin Botanicals is a less spicy and more floral Gin with notes of rosewater and gives you a Turkish Delight memory along the way. Spectacular I must say.  Add some ice and garnish lavishly with herbs, Basil, strawberries, thyme as you wish.  The sky is truly the limit to customise your Gin experience to suit your own taste.

Packaging of the Musgrave11 & Musgrave Pink Gin

Both of their Musgrave products retail roughly around R300 a bottle and is well worth it.  From the lovely masculine packaging of the Musgrave11 to the soft floral packaging of Musgrave Pink Gin, Musgrave is a feast to your eyes and taste buds.  We can surely conclude that there is a lot of Gin out there, and then there is Musgrave Gin or shall I say, the world of Musgrave!

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