40 is the new 40 right?


Most people arrive at a point in their lives where they reached a proverbial ‘reality check’.  Turning 40 last year, I felt really good about it.  I’m fit (but overweight), sucking every ounce out of life and making time for the things that are important.  Friends, Family, being active, food and the list goes on.  No reality checks that are needed at this stage.   Didn’t someone or some magazine say that 40 is the new 30?  Assumption right?

Wrong!  That reality check has dawned on me the last weekend where the blood pressure was scarily high, despite my active lifestyle and the doctor frowning upon me when I tried to humour the situation.  She didn’t think I was funny, she was my reality check.  I am indeed 40 and need meds. Bummer!

We all assume that we have enough time, we are doing enough, being in the spinning class or the bike at least 6 days out of the 7.  Are we doing enough?  Am I doing enough?  Well, this isn’t the whole story.  When we start to factor in things like, a diet that includes wine (not copious amounts, but a decent amount of it), fast food and a family history of hypertension and a bit of irresponsibility when it comes to healthy choices, surely it need to start showing somewhere.  My health.

Time. The one thing we do not have in copious amounts.  When we say 40 is the new 30, it can surely be that to someone.  We can still feel 30, but we need to manage this vessel that is indeed 40 years and 3 months old.  It will mean that I need to monitor the way I live life, the way I do life.  This doesn’t mean a radical change like braiding my beard, start a Peta process and becoming Vegan (heavens forbid), but it does mean that I need to exercise the healthier option where possible.  Taking the stairs and not the lift, leaving the cheesecake for now and rather enjoy the tea by itself, instead of Netflix, taking that walk, instead of dining out every evening, making that salad or veggies that are in the fridge and cooking up a storm in your own kitchen.

May I NEVER reach that point in my life where I cannot do the stuff I love, like restaurants and their delicious foods, making time for friends and enjoying that ‘kuier’ over a glass of red wine. Yes, I am 40 and I will never be 30 again and that’s pretty fine with me.  However, my 40 year old self can do something today to help my 50 year old self in the near but not so distant future, enjoy life better. Reality check: 40 is the new 40, but we can have fun and be wholesome while doing it!

PS. Sorry if I offended any braided beardy, protesting Vegans in this post.



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