Say hallo to The Publican Bar & Grill!

The Publican Bar & Grill is situated in the Southdowns Shopping centre in Irene, Pretoria and close to the John Vorster offramp.  The Publican greets you with a contemporary mix of leather, stoned walls and an amazing fireplace that hypnotises you the moment you set foot through their doors. I always say that it’s the... Continue Reading →

The Belgian Triple, where Beer isn’t just Beer.

The Belgian Triple is a lovely, hip and vibrant place that grabs your attention from the moment you walk through their doors.  Beer is their thing and their European cuisine to match.  They have a variety of beer, close to 90 imported Beers to be exact. We were treated to a promising evening and were... Continue Reading →

Fries, slap chips, bliss!

  Nowadays it has become one of the main criteria (to me in any case) when visiting a restaurant or eatery on what they serve as a side order.  I have a bit of an addiction.  French fries.  Jip, it's those long elongated pieces of potatoes that are fried up in hot oil until they... Continue Reading →

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