Maison de Leo

Looking for a spot to have breakfast or lunch, I try to opt for a spot that is non-franchise, not too commercialized and that is different.  Living in Pretoria, the food scene have erupted with a few great individualistic eateries that offer world class cuisine and prices that fits any pocket.

One thing that is still a challenge in my mind, is the Moot.  The Moot area in Pretoria is an older and more established area that is the cradle to mostly older folk and families that have lived there for generations and I believe generations to come.  When it comes to entertainment and the restaurant scene, it has seen a flicker here and there.  Nice, dedicated restaurants that offer great food, but truly speaking they are few and far in between (I think that’s how the saying goes).

The flicker is starting to get brighter when there are a few more places added to the short list of small, yet very valuable restaurants in the Moot.  Reality is that all the entertainment, restaurants and viby cocktail lounges are all situated more towards the east of Pretoria.

I did however find a small little treasure the other day.  Non-commercialized, non-franchised and ever cuteness and the food is lovely.  Maison de Leo is situated in Rietondale just off Soutpansberg Road.  Being a fairly new establishment, the setting offers you a whimsical taste of food that is home made, delicious and with fresh ingredients.  Maison de Leo’s menu is limited, but sure packs a punch as they focus on a few dishes and do them well.  I enjoyed their Traditional Bobotie and lovely summer salad.  Their Chorizo & Pesto Gnocchi is equally to die for.

My challenge to you?  Go seek those little places, LIKE MAISON DE LEO and give them a chance.  Some places will disappoint, but then there will be some little gems that give you an experience above and beyond any chain-store or restaurant will and can offer.  It will mean a bit of risk, but let’s be willing to explore and taste our way on this treasure hunt of culinary journeys.


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