Give us today our Daily Coffee

Always looking for the next coffee spot in Pretoria? Then The Daily Coffee is just the place to visit.  They are situated in the Greenlyn Centre in Menlopark and easily accessible from the N1 via Atterbury.  Nestled in between the greenery of the premises, The Daily Coffee gives you a setting that’s both private and relaxed. 

Pretoria has seen an uprising of coffee spots and the coffee culture in the capital is definitely making a turn for the better.  I find it always very refreshing when you can experience something that’s different, good quality and gives you a setting where you can breathe, work and even relax.  Meet, The Daily Coffee.

The Daily Coffee have a variety of menu options ranging from lovely well prepared coffee (well duh!) to gorgeous breakfasts, light meals like burgers, sandwiches and wraps and even low carb meals.  Menus are reasonably priced and makes them a good restaurant anytime of the month.  Ask them about their Gluten free options. 

Their food is prepared well and their coffee is the best!  I enjoyed their Daily Fix breakfast and fellow diners ordered Eggs Benedict and a open sandwich with salmon & rocket.  It was decadent, tasty and you can be sure they use the freshest of ingredients and are not shy when it comes to portion volume.  I left, happy, satisfied and will be back for sure.  Points scored:  Setting in the garden, privacy and it’s pet friendly!  Points deducted: attention to detail, make sure the plate is clean of smears before it arrives at the table.  Overall impression:  Love it, Go! Now!

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