Simplicity. Is that a thing?



Looking at the media, one cannot play the ignorance card when it comes to the state of our country, politics and heck, even the fuel price!  Instantly my throat feels like it’s victim to an invisible grip that keeps squeezing ever so tightly.  Reality to knocks when you are in the supermarket and the same tin of Tuna that was R12,00 last week has jumped to a staggering R13,90.

So, no, I am not breaking out in Harry Styles’s new song “Sign of the times”, but I do get the sense that we need to start living smarter.  We need to look at our routine, interactions, work, home life and our social game in a whole new light.  Is it possible? Do we re-evaluate our priorities? Can we amend our long-formed patterns and live life anew? Simpler?

Sure, people are adaptable.  You and I both have the capacity to learn new ways of doing, altering our normal selves to new better versions.  Immediately another question pops up, do we need better versions of ourselves?  In my opinion?  Yes we do.  We should never arrive at a point in time where we are fine with who we are and where we find ourselves.  We should keep pushing, keep shaping and keep dreaming of becoming better people.  Not because the budget is small and we have to save money and stop buying take-aways (or may that is the reason), but because we can.

Bottomline, although most people are experiencing a constant cash crunch, this shouldn’t be the operative way of thinking on scaling down, living simpler and using less.  Living life more simplistic requires us to look back at ourselves and ask the very needed question, “do we need all our stuff”?  I love my SUV, I love Netflix and a good WiFi connection, I love my trips abroad, I love eating at restaurants that I haven’t been to, I love pouring my energy into my digital self and build cyber relations, meet new people.  Simplicity isn’t about scaling down, but rather about re-scaling ourselves.  Realizing we all just need the same stuff in lesser volumes.  We need to look at our lives on a singular level.

Let’s not beat around the bush, life is detrimental in most cases.  It’s detrimental to our health, our budgets, our way of thinking, the way we drive and our reaction to most media and stimuli outside of ourselves.  The beauty however is that the power to the way we CHOOSE to live our lives and conduct ourselves will always be ours.  It all boils down to a simple choice.  Have you heard about Dr. Viktor Frankel?  (Awesome dude by the way), a legend in the field of Psychology (o and he was a holocaust survivor), reiterated the idea that every thing that you own and have, can be taken away from you EXCEPT the power you possess to control your attitude in any given set of circumstances.  Choosing to be non-detrimental to the fuel price, to not kill anyone when your insurance goes up and to be smarter about living life and choosing to live simpler.  This week I want to urge you to make a list of 3 things you can easily discard from your life.  Things that takes your joy away, that eats you up, things that sucks the energy right out of you.  We need to make these lists every now and then to make sure we are alive, because we only need to breathe, eat, sleep and dream.  (Yes I hear you… other essential life-activities are a given).  Go! Now!


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