Wellness is a choice

So, there I sat.  Listening to everything the wellness guru is saying.  Hanging on her lips and realising, uhmmmmm I’m not there yet.  Don’t get me wrong, I do cycle when I get the chance, attend spin classes every Tuesday and Thursday and take the stairs sometimes instead of the escalators.  That’s enough right?  No, not even remotely.

I was fortunate to attend a wonderful PR launch of the Wellness Warehouse Brooklyn branch where they presented a lovely menu from the #BrooklynBuffet range.  My fellow bloggers and I were enticed to a delectable menu of roasted vegetables, lovely lasagne, Quinoa salad, Broccoli bake, grilled chicken and off course, the Tofu was the best I have had.

We can have a lot of discussion around what a healthy lifestyle is and what we understand around the term ‘being healthy’.  Sharing a meal at the #WellnessWarehouse Cafe in Brooklyn Mall Pretoria with fellow lifestyle bloggers, you do get a sense that they (and yes, I say they) are so sensitised to living healthy lifestyles because some of them have children and want to offer them the best opportunities to grow healthy.  The question popped…. how healthy am I living really? I don’t have children and therefore I don’t have that motivation, but the motivation lies in the sole fact that I need to be less heavy (see my choice of words there?).  Adapting to a new diet is only one dimension in a multi-faceted pool of dimensions when we talk about healthy living.

Being healthy or looking after your own wellness has less to do with dieting and more to do with making conscious choices.  Being a food & lifestyle blogger it is increasingly more challenging to ‘go healthy’.  Visiting restaurants, enjoying food and writing about it has become a part of my routine, but picking the right meal from the menu is still IN my power.  This is a harsh reality to face when you are a few kilo’s (ok, quite a few) heavier than usual.

So what am I to do then?  Here is my list of the 5 steps I am taking towards looking after my own wellness:

  1.  Realising that I am not a gym junkie:  I am never going to be one and I think this has more to do with acknowledging the current reality of my health and knowing what I’m dealing with.  Getting a grip on my current wellness and as my friend always say: “know your demons and then face them”.  So there we have it, a reality check!
  2.  To eat or not to eat:  I say EAT! Diets already puts one down emotionally and therefore I say, stop dieting and just start eating right.  Looking at the Wellness Warehouses #BrooklynBuffet, there were options and they were colourful and wonderful.  More colour means less processed.  So eat a colourful meal and try to have it as unprocessed as possible.  Freshness is key!  To all of you saying “I don’t have time”, MAKE TIME!  I’m not a super model and I realise it’s going to be challenging, but there is always a way to make things happen. O ja, go easy on the starches.
  3. Chill:  No, not talking about chilling the wine, I’m talking about taking some time out.  Make time to spend time, doing nothing.  Meditate, write, read, sleep, or do the things that fuel you.
  4. Join a club: A gym is great, but it’s expensive and the idea around going to the gym can sometimes be a bit daunting.  Rather join a walking club or a group of friends doing something active.  It shouldn’t cost you an arm or a leg and if you go about it the right way, you can have a good support structure in place to keep everyone motivated and ready to go walking, cycling or running.  Group motivation can work wonders.
  5.  Dream:  It’s important to escape from reality sometimes and start dreaming up things for the rest of the year.  Make that dream of going to Greece a reality by planning for it.  Dream of all the things you still want to achieve, do, experience and start making plans to motivate yourself to get to it.

Wellness in my view is a shotgun approach and should be handled as such.  Health shops like the Wellness Warehouse, gives us necessary tools to live more healthy, but in the end, we need to make the choice to be more healthy.  Choice is the bugger here, but choice is also the golden opportunity that you have power over.  I am not a wellness guru, but strangely enough, we all know what we ought to do.  So my advice to you today, is go do it.  Live well! Go! Now!

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