Visited the new Pachas yet?

Located in the green and tree-filled neighbourhood of Waterkloof in the capital called Pretoria, you will find Pachas.  They have moved the new development and very trendy area called The Club on the corner of Pinaster Avenue and 18th Street.  From the get-go Pachas is elegantly inviting with decor, service and crisp clean tables to match.  Their menu offers a variety of dishes carefully selected and crafted for the discerning diner. 

Swiftly (off-the-menu) offerings were introduced and starters were ordered.  One thing is for certain, when it comes to swift service, they are on top of things.  I enjoyed Smoked Marlin Carpaccio with deep fried Capers on a Rocket and a bed of micro-herbs with a Wasabi dressing.  Beautiful, aromatic and tasty.  To accompany the meal I opted for a 2015 Laborie Merlot which worked wonders with my palate.  Please check out Laborie Wines after reading this post.  Main course saw a special medium-rare beef Fillet topped with Halloumi, a green salad and potatoes that were pan friend with bacon that is crispy golden brown bliss personified.  Naturally the side dishes offered a familiar face in the form of creamed Spinach and Butternut.

I must say, I glanced at the dessert menu and resisted temptation due to the lack of space in my tummy.  They do offer lovely “traditionals” like Crème Brûlée, Italian Kisses, Cheese cake and lot’s more.  So my my overall experience at Pachas was positive and very memorable.  Food was delicious and beautifully prepared.  Pachas is priced to the higher range in terms of their menu and be sure to fork out a little bit more but the food and experience is well worth it.  You will definitely see me back again and thank you for a delightful evening.

Hail Caeser….. salad…dressing!

Personally I think that this salad dressing is grossly underestimated not just in it’s simplicity as a dressing, but also in it’s robust flavour and versatility.  When you frequent your favourite diner, restaurant or eatery, I rarely see it on the menu these days (well, that’s my point of view in any case).  Well, whether you have friends over for a social visit or having a BBQ or whatever your reason to host, do yourself a favour and whip up this bad boy and glamour your bowl of lettuce and greens with this lovely yellow adornment.

My take on the Caeser Salad dressing goes a little like this.  You will need the following:


1 Large egg yolk (make sure it’s room temperature)

1½ Table spoon of fresh lemon juice

1 Table spoon of white wine vinegar

1 Table soon of Worcestershire sauce

3 Anchovy fillets or a teaspoon of Anchovy paste

2 cloves of garlic crushed (buy crushed from the shop if you are lazy like me)

1 Tablespoon of mustard powder

½ a Cup of extra virgin olive oil

½ a Cup of freshly grated good parmesan cheese

3 Tablespoons of water

Salt & Pepper to taste

Ok…. let’s put this symphony together:

(This is one of those chuck everything together and blend the living daylights out of it recipe’s)

First goes in your room temperature egg yolk.  Add to that your crushed garlic, parmesan and a LITTLE BIT OF SALT (remember, anchovies = SALT, parmesan = SALT, you don’t want to spoil the whole shabang with too much salt).

Now, add your white wine vinegar, Worcestershire sauce (dammn, is it just me or is the spelling on this sauce a bummer), Anchovies and Mustard powder.

Almost there.  Now add the extra virgin olive oil, water and yes, now you blits and blend the living daylights out of this daaaaaaa-ressing (ok, that just came out weird, the word, not the dressing).  Make sure you blend it good until it gets a velvety, creamy consistency.

All that is needed is fresh crisp Lettuce, toss and voila!  You can thank me later.  This is quicker to prepare and assemble than one thinks (well, then again the prep-time is Merlot-intake dependent).  There you have it people, a lovely Caeser Salad Dressing.

Peace out yo!  ***drops the mic***

PS.  Did I mention that I served it with Gnocchi and it was gooood!