Visited the new Pachas yet?

Located in the green and tree-filled neighbourhood of Waterkloof in the capital called Pretoria, you will find Pachas.  They have moved the new development and very trendy area called The Club on the corner of Pinaster Avenue and 18th Street.  From the get-go Pachas is elegantly inviting with decor, service and crisp clean tables to... Continue Reading →

Hail Caeser….. salad…dressing!

Personally I think that this salad dressing is grossly underestimated not just in it's simplicity as a dressing, but also in it's robust flavour and versatility.  When you frequent your favourite diner, restaurant or eatery, I rarely see it on the menu these days (well, that's my point of view in any case).  Well, whether... Continue Reading →

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