La Pentola & Graham Beck! Encore!

Just north of the city centre of Pretoria, lies a gem that is so precious and small, that you will not give it a second glance should you drive past their signage.  Now that is just the thing, there are so many little places and experiences we seldom see and La Pentola is surely one of them.  This restaurant is truly what it’s signage suggests, a world of flavour in a frying pan.

The Moot area in Pretoria is synonymous with old houses, friendly people and gives you a sense that you are almost in the “platteland” so to speak.  La Pentola has been part of the Pretoria cuisine scene since 1995 and boasts menu’s that oozes Mediterranean, French and Italian flavours under the close curation of renowned Chef, Shane Sauvage.  Take note that there are actually 2 restaurants, La Pentola here in Pretoria and another in Hermanus in the Western Cape. 


One great thing about La Pentola here in Pretoria, is that they frequently host various Wine Estates and farms, Beer and Brandy distilleries to accompany their awesome food.  Not so long ago, I had the privilege of enjoying an evening in the esteemed presence of Graham Beck and their exceptional Bubbles!  Naturally this experience was paired with an enticing menu that complimented this truly unique and beautiful partnership.

From the moment you set foot in this newly revamped establishment, you get a sense that some serious cooking is going down.  First steps were taken by enjoying their  signature cocktail, a Berry Royale. An assortment of berries, served in Schnapps and sparkling wine, and with that, the star of the evening, Graham Beck made an entrance with a beautiful (and as it’s name so elegantly expresses) Gorgeous sparkling Chardonnay Pinot Noir that glistened with an awesome rose gold colour.  To round this sparkling off, it was served with a perfectly grilled Halloumi cheese with strawberries, lemon and fresh mint.  Simple, tasty and the perfect start to a great evening.

Second course saw an ensemble of Cajun Chicken served with Sharon Fruit drizzled with Sesame Butter and humus, crowned with a Poppadom.  Here the Graham Beck Blanc de Blancs 2013, paired well with notes or Apricot, Tangerine and Lime.  This one is most probably my favourite!

Main course was a performance of fresh Kabeljou with a King prawn laced with champagne cream, served with burnt butter and red velvet mash potato and green beans.  Yes, you heard right, red velvet mash!  The Graham Beck Brut NV topped it off with notes of fresh fruit and lime and a beautiful golden sparkle!

Naturally to end the show, a lovely Crème Brûlée with roasted Almond ice-cream was the perfect choice and yes, the Graham Beck Bliss Demi-Sec NV was the encore to my culinary experience.

It’s not yet over folks! One last trick up their sleeve was a true La Pentola signature show stopper, the Cape Connection.  This is an experience where the glass is flamed and served hot with 10 year old KWV Brandy and Amaretto.  A true taste sensation with an entertainment factor to match! (Trust me, order it and enjoy the flamable entertainment).


To summarise the evening:  Yes, go and experience La Pentola for yourself.  Make sure you get them at a pairing evening (usually Thursday & Friday evenings) and experience gorgeous food, exceptional wine and hospitality to match.  Be sure to book well in advance to avoid disappointment. Well done La Pentola and well done, partner in an awesome crime of the evening, Graham Beck MCC!  Bubbles Bubbles….. Bubbles for everyone!

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