Churchills Melrose Arch. It’s like Winston Churchill, but better.

Walking around Melrose Arch is almost like walking through the streets of a small village.  The only exception to this village, is that it’s severely cosmopolitan and abuzz with people, restaurants and the social scene is electric.

Making your way to the Piazza, the restaurant scene stretches even further and your senses have a bit of trouble picking your favourite spot to fill your tummy, have a lavish drink and spend some social time with friends and family.

Then there is Churchills.  The entrance is not THAT spectacular, but once you graze the doors of this establishment, you are transported to a place that oozes old world charm.  No, this is not a time warp, this is a sophisticated space where decor, furniture and attention to detail play a harmonious symphony that makes the whole experience work.


Since their journey started 5 years ago, Churchills is giving their patrons an experience where whisky, wine and array of speciality liquors and glorious menu offerings make every visit worth while.  Mostly focussed on pub-grub (well as I call it anyway), they offer anything from small plates and bites like calamari, sliders and Jalapeño poppers, to platters and main course items like steaks, ribs and the list goes on.


We opted for the Harry’s Platter and a bottle of bubbly.  One thing is definitely for certain, they are not shy when it comes to portion size and the food was meticulously prepared.  The lamb loin chops were cooked to perfection, chicken strips were moist and (already salivating again) the onion rings were crisp and golden.  This was a definite winner.


Churchills creates the perfect ambience and their swift and professional waiters are always available with a smile and very knowledgable on their offerings.  After enjoying the tummy fillers you can laze away in the comfortable seating booths that are designed for spending time and absorbing the whole sensory experience.

I can definitely see a bit of dear Winston Churchill in this establishment.  It’s strong, their message is a confident one where they are proud of their establishment, food and beverage.  I can recommend with a sure heart Churchills to anyone who are planning a special evening out and looking to enjoy good food and wine.  Be sure to check their social calendar since they host regular tastings on Gin, Wine, Whisky and Brandies.  Go follow them on Facebook; Churchills Bar – Melrose Arch, and Instagram @churchills_za.  Now there you have it, no excuses. GO! NOW!

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