Did someone say Sugarbird Christmas?


Sugarbird Baubles 02

Sugarbird gin, was founded by Rob Heyns and Nzeka Biyela.  This was one of the most successful crowd-funding campaigns in South Africa and has earned them the status of a proudly South African product and yes, they are now known as ‘the peoples’ gin’. With their unique story, also comes their unique approach to bringing Sugarbird to you in a very special way.  Now, since it’s THAT time of year where Boney M’s Christmas carols are playing in malls, why not check out their latest exciting release to this festive season.

Can I assume that while you are reading this blog, you have already started thinking about your plans for Christmas and how you are going to put your own special touch to your festivities? What better Christmas gift for gin-lovers than delicious Sugarbird gin-filled baubles to brighten up both your Christmas tree, glass and special time spent with loved ones.

Sugarbird Baubles 04

I admire Sugarbird for their tenacity when it comes to a tough gin market here in South Africa, but also their ambitious way in tackling opportunities to bring you something special.  Want to know where you can find these delightful gin filled baubles for your Christmas tree?  Visit your closest Makro store and make sure you get some for your tree and why not make this a good pre-Christmas gift as well?  Priced at only R99,00 for a sleeve of 5 (40ml) baubles this is an absolute steal.  Click this link to Sugarbird Baubles  see for yourself!

I think I will buy a double lot and while the rest is hanging pretty in my tree, I’ll hide the rest in the garden and have a festive “gin hunt” to spice things up and raise the adventure level a bit.  ***going into adult mode now***, remember, to drink responsibly this festive season and when you had a bit toooo much, please don’t drink and drive.  Call a friend, or why not crash under the Christmas tree in admiration of these beautiful baubles.

Now there you have it gin-folk, Sugarbird made something special for us, why not go out and get some and start the festive season here in South Africa off in a good way, the Sugarbird way!  Go follow them on their social channels (here) and become a Sugarbird fan, I know I am!

*Visuals courtesy of Sugarbird Gin


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