News Cafe Centurion IS the vibe!

Ok, we all know News Cafe right? Well if you don’t know them, you must have been hiding underneath a rock or a very dingy cold corner somewhere. In that case, please make your way outdoors and get some sunshine. Ok, back to News Cafe. Most of us do frequent franchise institutions from time to time and the value to me personally lies in the fact that you know what you are getting.

News Cafe in Centurion is a typical case of “same same, but different”. Yes, you know that this is most probably one of the best joints to chase when you and your posé are in the mood for cocktails or just a lekker kuier, but also News Cafe in general is a good go-to place to unwind and chill. Whether you knock off at work and need to de-stress or celebrating a milestone with your friends, this space and place is just unique and so much different than the other Cafe’s I have visited in the past.

Ok, to be brutally honest here. I hated the fact that the colour blue featured EVERYWHERE in their stores. Stepping foot into the Centurion Cafe, was pleasant, refreshing and just trendy. It immediately revitalized my senses and I knew this was an evening that most certainly wasn’t a waste. Centurion News Cafe looks very chique with green faux grass against the walls, commissioned art and murals to top it off. They literally went out with the tacky and in with the trendy. Their seating was custom designed and did you know that they opted to use mostly recycled material to furnish and beautify their cafe? Old doors were turned into tables, plastic was turned in to single mould resin seating. Their decor and ambience weren’t the only fortuitous thing as I was immediately greeted by their hospitality staff and quickly showed me to my desired place to enjoy my evening and the menus were on hand.

Paging through the menu, you do get their standard signature cocktails (alcoholic and non-alcoholic), wines, spirits and so the list goes on. There are a melange of new (and old) additions to their menu and the food offerings are well varied with most burgers, steaks though to bowls with freshly produced greens, nibbles and bites. Looking at their healthier options, they made appropriate provision for people like me that are a bit weight-conscious. Cocktails are priced at around R90,00 per cocktail and their wines around R200,00 per bottle. Their food menu will give you a good meal between R80,00 to R150,00 per serving.

Just a stone throw away from the Gautrain station and ample parking available, News Cafe Centurion can be found at the @Ease Shopping Centre on the corners of Gerhard Street and Jean Avenue. Go follow them on social media channels on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and see what special offerings they have. All left to say is this: Go! Now!

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