Almost Orange, almost unreal!

There are a number of places where one can find a bit of solitude away from the hustle and bustle of the city.  Living in Gauteng it takes a little bit of effort to discover little havens and places to hide away from the noise to breathe, unwind and relax.  Almost Orange is one of those gems for sure.  Located just 30 minutes from Pretoria and about 45 minutes from Johannesburg, Almost Orange awaits you with its Mediterranean splendour.

Driving just past the Silver Orange Bistro, you twine your way down towards the Citrus orchards and for a moment you forget that you are in South Africa.  The rows of Citrus trees and Tuscan facade of the building, mixes your senses and conjure daydreams of travel, romanticism and the  excitement of something grand that awaits.  Walking through the grand doors, you are greeted by ambience that are tastefully done and you can see this was a curated process.  Each chair, table and vase has it’s spot for a reason, to give your senses what they came here to experience.  Equally the service is friendly and quickly you are tended to with a smile.  You do have the option to sit inside at the bar or on the plush couches, but my recommendation is go outside!

During the warmer months, outside dining is just key to any social gathering between friends, family and even some collegial gatherings alike.  Outside the atmosphere is low key and the umbrellas amplifies the story of your day taking shape.  The scattered little cabanas around the garden gives you a chance to lie down (yes, you heard right) and enjoy the sun under a canopy that sways in the wind.  By this time you surely know that I am wowed by a good setting and this was it.  I was surprised and impressed with the way they looked, interacted and offer their “place” to you for the moment.  Quickly I scoured their menus and they do offer an array of food and drink items and their selection is remarkable.  Naturally wine and a little bit of Gin was the first players on the field and we selected a beautiful Terra Del Capo Sangiovese and a Black Dog Malbec to make this lunch visit a good one.  Both wines were a good companion to our platters. 

The menu boasted the usual players from blissful breakfasts, mains that feature steaks, pastas, seafood and desserts and a plethora of platters and equally impressive salads for the health conscious.  Sourcing their ingredients seasonal and locally, Almost Orange gives you the best of their region and a little bit of the Almost Orange heritage of good food, quality produce and spectacular tastes. 

Meat and Charcuterie platters were quickly chosen and the feast began.  Almost Orange sure knows how to impress with their selection of cured meats, cuts and their combinations were meticulously put together.  Chef Leon Nel is the mastermind behind the tastes, vistas and the whole sensory experience and looking at the photos of the food, it surely doesn’t do the experience justice. 

This is an experience everyone should undertake, it’s just a short trip out of the city.  Do take note that no under 18’s are allowed at Almost Orange, but if that is the case, Silver Orange Bistro will most certainly cater for your family, small to all. Looking back, there is a definite YES, NO and MAYBE.  YES, this are a unique and special place to visit and entice your senses.  NO, do not pitch up without a booking as you might get turned away and MAYBE, you should leave earlier and consider that the road leading up to Silver Orange Bistro and Almost Orange is riddled with potholes and not such a smooth ride.

Please make a point to follow them on Facebook (here) and your favourite social media channels, but even more so, visit them as soon as you can, take friends along and be sure to have an enjoyable time out.  My advice to you? Go! Now! It’s magic!

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