Wellness is a choice

So, there I sat.  Listening to everything the wellness guru is saying.  Hanging on her lips and realising, uhmmmmm I'm not there yet.  Don't get me wrong, I do cycle when I get the chance, attend spin classes every Tuesday and Thursday and take the stairs sometimes instead of the escalators.  That's enough right?  No, … Continue reading Wellness is a choice

Simplicity. Is that a thing?

  Looking at the media, one cannot play the ignorance card when it comes to the state of our country, politics and heck, even the fuel price!  Instantly my throat feels like it's victim to an invisible grip that keeps squeezing ever so tightly.  Reality to knocks when you are in the supermarket and the … Continue reading Simplicity. Is that a thing?

What’s in a space?

  So there I was, walking through the Sandton (Johannesburg's Business Disctrict) CBD on my way to attend a session hosted by Equinox and Cerebra.  It was windy and I almost felt a bit like Batman, pacing from the Gautrain station upwards towards Maude street, with my coat dangling in the wind.  Jip, winter is … Continue reading What’s in a space?

Meetings are like chameloens!

We all are on the drill, get to your desk, switch on your technology and await instructions on your workday as the emails roll in.  Wait for it... wait for it.... and there is the knock on the door and you are summoned to your first meeting for the day. As you enter the board … Continue reading Meetings are like chameloens!

Time time time

Almost immediately when you leave home and drive through the gate facing traffic and all these big bullying buses, we start planning this day.  (Ok ok, to me it works this way).  Although strategising a bit on what needs to be done, I sit idle and wait for the red chameleon to turn green so … Continue reading Time time time